Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

I apologise for its current state, I’m slowly mastering the art of uploading my images and there are plenty to come. Regard this as a sample of my photographic style and work.

What are the images that really matter to you? What images make up your story and experience of life?

The photography here is stripped bare; no posing, no Photoshop and no editing. Simply moments captured in time and shot as they are with whatever is at hand. The intention of my photographs is capture a moment as it is. As honestly and accurately as I can, and to hopefully capture an aspect of inner-self from my subjects to create a true narrative of this moment in their life and who they are. These images then form the basis of my artistic works.

Here, it is not simply the shot that matters; it is also the individual, their emotions and circumstance, and the intention and philosophy with which each shot is captured.