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I took these photographs a lot more deliberately than I usually do, here I was trying to explore the kind of photographs that amateur photographers take. I thought of the self portraits taken in mirrors as you learn to use a camera, the photos of hands and feet, the play with perspective and light.

Although these photographs are by no means technically brilliant I found they had a certain aesthetic quality that I liked. They said something to me, although I’m still not quite sure what. Also, I am bound by my promise to be transparent and honest, and give a full account of my first 10,000 photographs for my final work to really mean something. So here they are.

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  • First 10,000: A selection of 242-332/10,000
  • Date & Time: 15th February 2012 at 2:43pm – 9:05pm  (shot intermittently)
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  • Location: Home.
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