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For these shots my concept was quite simple; I wanted to capture how the world wearies us everyday and the way that we leave and return home. I wanted to explore how we may have changed throughout the day, not just visually; our hair may be messier, our make up smudged, we may be sweaty or our expressions different, but also how we have changed inside – the toll taken by the day emotionally and mentally.

What I ended up capturing was more than I had expected. On this particular day a confluence of events happened in my life resulting in some major changes, and then in truly poetic fashion the shutter in my camera began to die. This day was and is a true beginning and ending in my life but in the most practical sense it was also just an ordinary day.

Are there days like this in your life? Do you think you could possibly capture them, and would/could they express all that has happened to you in that day?

*For these shots the camera was set on a chair in continuous shooting mode.

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  • First 10,000: A selection of 333-394/10,000 (including incidental shots these are the last shots taken with this camera bringing the current total to 1,148/10,000)
  • Date & Time: 20th February 2012 at 10:41am & 8:35pm
  • Subject: Self portrait
  • Location: Entry of home
  • Activity: Putting shoes on for the day & removing them on the return home