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A Bulgarian soldier taking a photo of himself in the mirror aboard a sanitary train on the way to the Eastern Front, 1943.

This is the image that inspired my profile picture and my self portrait. It was taken the first time I used my new camera and was actually an accident.

I knew that I wanted to take a photograph like the one of the soldier above, but didn’t know how to capture the spontaneity of it (something which I highly prize). So, upon receiving my camera I took it out of the box, prepared it without reading the manual (which I never do anyway) set it to auto, stood in front of the bathroom mirror and admired myself and the camera through the viewfinder. Whilst doing this I accidentally pressed the shutter release, the flash suddenly popped up and I heard the shutter click.

This is the truth, this is how this picture was taken, and this is why. This is also what I leave out from my images, this is the unsaid, the unwritten, the unseen.

I have been asking myself about the truth a lot lately, the truth is that very few people know me. Very few people know what I think, feel, create, experience and dream of. Nobody really knows all the things that I have been, seen and done in my life.

This isn’t because I am a dishonest person or because I don’t desire closeness. It isn’t due to a lack of interest and effort on the part of others either. More, it’s an inability on my part to communicate what I think and feel to others without an intensely intimate relationship. The truth is that I have spent my entire life terrified of being rejected by others.

The truth is that I, like the soldier above, have been the villain and the victim.

From here we launch ourselves on a journey of truth and openness. From here we share our perspectives and views on life and hopefully discover something together on the way. I implore you to join me…