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The thing in my life that causes me the greatest pain is my lack of artistic ability. All I ever wanted to be was an artist and paint beautiful pre-raphaelite paintings full of beauty, but I am dyspraxic and cannot even draw a box.

When I started high school I took art excited at the prospect of maybe learning how to create beauty with the brush…it was a disaster. I was kept in at lunch repeatedly because my art teacher couldn’t believe I could be so terrible unintentionally. Dyspraxia was not something people had heard of back then and I struggled with this and many things for years until finally being diagnosed as an adult.

I thought you might all like to see what I can create. Here are some of my early inks for you to look at…I hope you enjoy them or at least can see my passion in the strokes.

x BV

The Box I Fit In…

This one is dedicated to Dr Nicholas Scott who I told with tears in my eyes of the pain of my dyspraxia and my inability to even draw a box. He said “So what? Be an artist and draw your own kind of box”. So I do, and here it is.

Lotus In The Mud…

I sat in the the dirt and mud (literally) for over a year studying the lotus at a public garden in Cairns. I read it was how the master Chinese ink painters learned to capture the essence of their subject so that is what I did – sat there grinding my own ink with the wrong paper and 2nd hand brushes. The lotus is my favorite subject, its the first art I made that didn’t make me want to run away and hide.

My Heart Fills The Page…

An expression of all the emotion that drowns me often, fills all the space in my mind and leaves me on the brink of overflow.

Splash Of The Fish…

Devoted to the goldfish. Not loved for its place as food but loved simply for its beauty.