Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

I am a photographer, artist and calligrapher. The majority of my work involves the marriage of these artistic traditions.

The photography here is stripped bare; no Photoshop and no editing. Here they are simply moments captured in time and shot as they are with whatever is at hand. The intention of my photographs is to capture a moment as it is as honestly and accurately as I can, and hopefully to capture an aspect of inner-self from my subjects to create a true narrative of this moment in their life and who they are. These images then form the basis of my artistic works.

What are the images that really matter to you? What images make up your story and experience of life?

Here, it is not simply the shot that matters; it is also the individual, their emotions and circumstance, and the intention and philosophy with which each shot is captured.

x BV


27 thoughts on “Information”

  1. Lovely work. And thank you for finding my blog and following it too!

  2. Thank you for following my blog. You got something great here! Keep it up. I’ll be back for more. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)

  3. The images that really matter to me are those that express freedom and adventure; mostly from day-to-day living. The average person does not exist like some spectacular character on a movie screen, and isn’t sure how to become that sort of person without hurting themselves or others around them. They still; nevertheless, look for enjoyable breaks from the mundane.

    Images that make up my story and experience of life are made as I go along. I just leave some available for others to see and ponder . . . if so interested.

  4. Interesting work Bon Voyeur! Where are you based?

  5. Your shots are everything I like in photography! Not staged, simple and beautiful. Thanks for following :)

  6. I was surprised by your photos! I really like your classic film-noir stuff. Keep shooting!

  7. Great photographs! Excited to see the next 10,000.

  8. this is the way photography should be! your stuff is gorgeous!

  9. B. L. Crisp said:

    Pure photography! I am only an amatuer when it comes to photography myself, but I yet to use any tools to enhance them, as I feel just like you that photographs capture a moment and should be left in its purest form. Looking forward to more work from you!

  10. Your cover photo is absolutely beautiful.

  11. I love the diction to this page. And the honesty, simplicity, and creativity of your work. Thank you for the follow. Cheerleading your continued success….

  12. I like your simple but beautiful pictures and your texts. Good luck with your continued creation!

  13. Thanks for the follow! I love black-and-white photography and your style of doing it. I found your Tumblr and will follow you there as well!

  14. Hi! Thanks for coming by and following! Great photos!

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